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    ema PD series Pressure + Temperature Sensors

    Date:2018-09-28 17:03:43  Author:SystemMaster


    lPerfect combination of pressure sensor and temperature sensor

    lThe pressure or temperature value can be displayed on the panel, which can be switched by the button

    lUser can set range and alarm point

    lIt can set Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature unit

    lFour interchangeable pressure units bar, Kgf, MPa, Psi

    lHigh measurement accuracy, good stability and corrosion resistance

    lNo calibration needed and long lifetime


    With continued development of intelligent factories, users' demands for sensors are also increasing. Following the innovative product 2-in-1 Flow +Temperature Sensors, ema has created a unique pressure + temperature sensor based on many years of experience in design and in production of fluid series. ema PD series pressure + temperature sensor is an excellent product with multi-function, intelligence and high precision.


    This product offers users two major advantages: "multi-functionality" and "high cost-effectiveness." The advantage of the 2-to-1 is that while monitoring the pressure value, the temperature can be monitored simultaneously that enhance additional value for end-users. The user can set the pressure and temperature range and alarm point separately. In addition, the original design needs two holes for the pipeline, but with PD series only one hole is needed. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the price of 2-to-1 sensor save at least 30% lower than the cost of the separate purchase. It not only has the function of the pressure sensor but also provide the temperature function, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.


    Ordering Principle: